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This wiki site will help users understand the product Track Every Coin better. Do refer to our FAQ section for more information.


[edit] What is Track Every Coin?

Track Every Coin is a simple yet comprehensive personal finance system that enables you to track, analyze and thus manage your finances effectively. It empowers you to plan and move towards better financial health, by making the most of your money. Track Every Coin comes in two parts, Capturing of expenditure and Analyzing expenditures. Expenditure can be captured using two ways, The hardware device TECI and Mobile Application (coming soon). Data analysis is done on the website.

[edit] TECI The hardware device

TECI is a small key chain type device that will help you capture you expenditure pattern. It has two buttons and an LCD display. Once the data is captured on the device it is synchronized to the web using USB. Read more about TECI here.

Watch all the features of TECI:

[edit] First time use

[edit] Click here to read about how to get started with TECI (hardware device).

View a video to see how to setup the TECI before use and also how the data is transferred to the website.

[edit] Desktop Uploader

The hardware device connects to the computer via USB port. To upload all information to the website you need to install an application called "The Desktop Uploader".

Download the desktop uploader Download the file and install it. Read more about it here.

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